POS Terminals

Countertop Terminals

Countertop point-of-sale terminals are ideal for retail businesses, restaurants, professional service firms, hotels and lodging and other businesses that process in-person debit and credit payments.

Our countertop terminals integrate with an electronic cash register (ECR) with our semi-integrated application, enabling you to reduce your PCI efforts or take contactless payments. Ideal for high-traffic retail environments, this solution streamlines the payment process. To learn more, download the solution sheet here.

Wireless Short Range

Short-range point-of-sale terminals are ideal for businesses that want a pay at the table solution or to bring payment directly to their customers. These terminals also allow you to key in a consumer’s credit card information or take contactless payments.

Wireless Mobile

Portable, long-range wireless terminals use proven GPRS technology and work just like a cellular phone. Ideal for taxi and livery services, mobile businesses, companies that deliver and any other business that processes payments on the go. Accept in-person or key in a consumer’s credit card information anywhere in Canada on the Canada Rogers Wireless Network.


Perfect for websites, e-commerce environments, mail order / telephone order businesses, telemarketing operations and any other business that accepts credit card payments. For in-person payments simply connect a PIN pad to your PC and you have a two-in-one solution.

Telephone Order/Mail Order

Ideal for telemarketing operations, home-based businesses, mobile operations and other business that accept non face-to-face payments. Use your touchtone phone with our Automated Response Unit (ARU) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions or your Internet connected PC with Converge℠, formerly VirtualMerchant.

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