By: Mia Huntington
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Elavon Canada

Whether you run a restaurant, café, retail store or similar operation, most business owners share similar pain points. These irritants have many faces, but they all tend toward a common theme: wasted time through unproductive or outdated practices. Thankfully, the right technology can help to cure these problems, especially when it comes to accepting payments. Here’s some of the warning signs business owners can look for.

1. You’re still using old-fashioned cash registers.

While that “ka-ching” sound may seem reassuring, relying on traditional cash registers is a good indication that your point-of-sale technology needs an upgrade.  Cash, after all, is being replaced steadily by contactless cards and digital pay apps, and your payment technology needs to reflect that by being much more than an afterthought. It’s the front line of interaction with your customers and it sets the tone for success throughout your operation.

2. You’re not quite on top of your inventory.

If you find yourself running out of products, failing to fulfil customer orders on time, or struggling to identify the most popular/unpopular items, these are all lost opportunities and you need help. Imagine an inventory system that integrates with your payment technology, recording every sale, analyzing trends and helping you predict your future needs.

3. You don’t keep track of what your customers like.

Your staff may know your frequent visitors by name and have a general idea of their taste, but unless you’re taking notes on everything they buy, you’re throwing that valuable knowledge away. A smart business owner will invest in a POS system that creates a customer sales database and can analyze that data to target promotions, sales, and other incentives to individual customers at just the right time.

4. You find managing your staff schedules and timesheets a burden.

Chances are you already outsource your payroll or use software to automate it, so why aren’t you getting help with managing your employees’ time? Keeping on top of days off, overtime, vacation requests and the like is not something you need to be spending your precious time on.

5. Your online presence isn’t driving business.

Your business has an attractive website and an e-commerce option, but are you truly ‘omnichannel’ – are your online sales truly integrated with your bricks-and-mortar operations, and are you optimizing them to engage customers and drive sales growth?

6. You’ve lost money due to fraud.

Whenever a customer questions a purchase and can prove that their credit or debit card was used fraudulently, you may end up having to refund the purchase or suffering the financial loss of a chargeback. You can’t afford to be using payment technology that is not securely encrypted or is not protected 24/7 by the latest security updates.

7. You’re scared to take a vacation.

Every business owner gets a little nervous that problems, like those listed above, will crop up while they are away. Rather than bombarding your staff with hourly e-mails from the pool, wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to monitor operations remotely via the cloud, so you can keep calm and carry on with your holiday?

At Elavon Canada have been thinking hard about how to cure such headaches. We offer exclusive, turnkey solutions such as talech, a state-of-the-art iPad-based payment technology that doubles as a business-management system, and Converge, our omni-commerce platform combining in-store, online and mobile capabilities. These solutions provide customer database, manage inventory and provide analytic reports on data such as sales trends and client spending habits. All secured with the latest encryption and authentication, comes with our 24/7 technical support and can be managed remotely from anywhere. It offers all digital pay options, including Apple Pay, allows barcode scanning and effortlessly enables tipping and promotional discounts.

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