By: Stephanie Lem
Marketing Associate, Elavon Canada

While your small or medium business may still be analyzing Mother’s Day activities and sales success, Father’s Day is just around the corner already. Many businesses focus their efforts on the more popular day for moms and fail to recognize the gains to be made from the day for dads. With over eight million fathers in the country and projected total spending of more than $300 million or $20 per dad (in comparison, spending is about $27 per mom on her day), it’s a smart move to celebrate the occasion in your business.

A great idea for any gift, but especially Father’s Day, is a gift card. Both givers and receivers are big fans of the flexibility and simplicity, suggesting maybe it’s time to incorporate gift cards into your product offerings. Here are some reasons why gift cards make the perfect gifts:

1. Guaranteed satisfaction. Consumers want to know that their gifts won’t end up being returned, and that they’re actually giving something useful to the recipient. As traditional Father’s Day gifts like a tie, bottle of scotch or pair of socks have become cliché and outdated, more people are turning to gift cards from their dad’s favourite store or restaurant, so he can pick out his ideal present. Recipients get the chance to splurge on a treat, like a fancy meal or tech gadget that they’d been desiring. Plus, a gift card works much like cash but has a more personal and intentional touch.

2. On-demand purchasing power. Many businesses now allow customers to buy and use gift cards online, making picking up a last-minute gift a breeze. It’s also great for people who live at a distance from their dads, but want to send something in an easy, cost-effective way. Dads too will love being able to use their gift cards to shop from the comfort of their own couch, on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Some gift cards can even be integrated into Apple wallet or a store’s mobile app.

3. They’re easy to use. Besides allowing for digital payment options, gift cards are also a cinch to reload and reuse, which is handy especially if the card is for a favourite store. Many retailers also have a registration option, so both givers and recipients can be worry-free about losing the card since they know they’ll be covered. Their small size also makes them super easy to place in a greeting card, with no wrapping required.

4. They come with bonus packs. One of the latest trends supporting gift card sales is to offer incentives for the purchaser, like a discount coupon, an upgrade, or an extra $10 gift card. For example, many restaurants will tack on this extra gift card, but specify a timeframe when it can be used - usually during a slower season to keep customers coming in and boost sales. These bonuses can either become part of the gift, or can be used by the giver. It’s a little something extra that consumers appreciate, and often encourages more visits and spending at your business.

5. They inspire creative gift-giving. Long gone are the days when gift cards were considered unimaginative. Nowadays, people can give and receive truly unique and experiential gifts from both large and small retailers. For example, dads can enjoy a fun night out at the local comedy club, featuring the comedian of their choosing. Or they can get their car detailed at the neighbourhood mechanic. Gift cards can be for gifts of all shapes and sizes that go beyond basic and boring big box retailers.

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