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If the summertime makes you think of third quarter earnings instead of well, the summertime, it may be time to unplug, get away and relax. You’re halfway through the business year but that doesn’t mean you can’t also schedule some precious R&R. Stepping away and recharging allows you to take a mental break so you can come back to your business rejuvenated and ready to be more creative.

However, small business owners are notorious vacation skippers. One study* found that only about half of small business owners take vacations. And only 57% of small business owners are planning to take a vacation this year. Also, when business owners take vacation, they aren’t fully unplugged: 67% of business owners admit to checking in on work and only 15% say they’d fully unplug from work. This only leads to one place, and that's burnout. So what are ways business owners can prevent this?

Vacation planning tips for small business owners

1. Prepare for it

Plan ahead and communicate with your employees so you can have a plan in place that will allow you to truly enjoy your time off. Let them know when you’re leaving and when you’ll be returning. A little bit of prep work will yield a lot of peace of mind.

2. Delegate wisely

Lean on the most trusted and experienced employees on your team. Give them your contact info and make sure they know how to get in touch with you (in case of an emergency) but trust your team to get the job done. You might also find certain employees capitalize on the opportunity to lead which can help you share responsibilities long-term. 

3. Set boundaries

It's tough. But unplugging is what benefits you and your personal mental state. It clears your mind and relaxes you so you can come back from vacation ready to move your business forward with renewed excitement. And it’s good for your family. So skip your voicemails and trust your employees.

4. Have peace of mind

If you’re on vacation or on the go, but you absolutely have to be in touch with your business back at home, Elavon’s Payments Insider tool allows small business owners to step away while still having vital access to their business in case of emergency.

  • Payments Insider gives you secure online access to your business information with an interactive customer portal that allows you to manage all aspects of your payments.
  • Quickly pull up-to-date, customizable reports so you will have the data you need whether in the office or on-the-go and review powerful, customizable reporting that details activity across all locations.
  • Payments Insider provides solutions to help you keep pace with customers to keep your business running smoothly, even while you’re away.

We hope these tips will help you get some much-needed rest so you can approach your business with a fresh perspective. 

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