As the owner of a growing business you need a secure, easy solution for accepting multiple forms of payments. Elavon takes the guesswork out of accepting payments and managing your business so you can focus on growth. Our advanced security features, streamlined business management tools, enhanced analytics, and customer-centric service provide you with a robust, yet easy to use solution. We offer the payment expertise, so you can focus on expanding your business capabilities, increasing your revenue potential, and empowering your customers to do business with you.


As the owner of a growing businesses, it can be frustrating to have strong sales and then need to wait days or weeks to gain access to your funds. You need to know when your money will be deposited into your bank account because it impacts cash flow and day-to-day business operations. Elavon’s feature Fast Track Funding provides peace of mind that your funds will be deposited when you need them. That means no guessing the exact hour of arrival or wondering if the funds will arrive before a withdrawal hits your account.


The ultimate goal of any business is to be successful and continually grow their business. Scale your business with Elavon’s interactive customer portal that empowers you to easily manage your payments in one location. In addition, Elavon’s partnership with Womply will allow you to easily attract, retain, and engage more customers. Elavon is also compatible with over 50 leading ecommerce platforms. In addition to processing payments for your business, an ecommerce Platform provides a unified platform to run your business. You benefit from a number of simple tools handling everything from payments, marketing, checkout, and shipping.


Business owners may not be cyber security experts and don’t have time to stay up-to-date on the latest protection need to safeguard their payment data. Current rules, regulations and certain state laws place more responsibility for protecting cardholder data on businesses. Failure to meet industry, card brand, and regulatory data security standards can result in fines, a loss of income, and negative brand perception.

Elavon protects you and your business and your customer payment data with state-of-the-art security solutions that protect data both in transit and at rest with encryption and tokenization. Encryption digitally scrambles numerical information for security purposes, while tokenization converts or replaces the numerical cardholder data with a unique token value that is unrecognizable but can used for subsequent or recurring transactions. These are just two examples of Elavon’s commitment to provide you with a safe and secure payment acceptance solutions.


Support is essential for troubleshooting during a busy sales rush or addressing questions about a statement when you’re working on your bills late into the night. Elavon provides 24/7, in-house multi-lingual customer support and dedicated relationship management that ensures you are supported through your entire payment journey.


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