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When it comes to accepting payments online, it is important to offer customers convenient payment options. Creating a simple checkout experience leads to increased sales, improved cash flow, and a better overall experience for your customer. Buy Buttons are the easiest way to accept payments online and can be placed on nearly any website or sent via email. The Buy Button or hyperlink will take users to a secure payment page where they can pay with the method of their choice, including new popular options such as digital wallet. Businesses and nonprofits can use this feature to accept payments at a fixed amount or enable their customers to enter a custom amount.

Buy button key benefits 

  • Add a Buy Button in just a few clicks. Simply generate a Buy Button code that you can copy and paste anywhere you have the ability to add HTML, with no advanced coding necessary.
  • Add payments anywhere online. Buy Buttons are the quickest way to expand your business by engaging shoppers outside of your online store, including on blogs, ads, emails, and social media.
  • Customize the Buy Button for your brand. Choose the format, font, colours, and text for your Buy Button and have them automatically resize to fit all media types.
  • Reduce cart abandonment. Send shoppers directly into a secure checkout page to increase conversion with an optimal customer experience.


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