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When it comes to accepting payments online, it’s important to offer customers convenient payment options. Creating a simple checkout experience leads to increased sales and a better overall experience for your customer, which improves customer retention. Converge, Elavon’s omnicommerce payment platform, can help you create this experience by providing multiple ways to collect payments – Billing and Invoicing, Buy Buttons, Digital Wallets, and Recurring Payments.

Converge API. Using the Converge API allows businesses to manage their payments all in one place. Whether you need to take payments online or in-app, accept cards physically in-stores or need a way to enter payments from mail or telephone orders – you can do it all and manage it in just one place with Converge. The Converge API allows developers to write a point-of-sale application (website, software application, shopping cart, etc.) that communicates with the Converge payment platform to process payment cards, food stamp, cash benefit, electronic check, gift card, recurring, and instalment transactions.

You Have Options with Converge API Integration

The Converge API offers three integration methods –Hosted Payments, Checkout.js, and XML.

The Hosted Payment integration includes Hosted Payments Page and Lightbox. Hosted Payment offers checkout/payment forms that are SAQ-A compliant and make collecting payment information from your customers easy without the payment data touching your server. This is suitable for a checkout page that is:

  • Simple to use and implement
  • Secure – Converge manages sensitive data
  • ADA compliant

The Converge Hosted Payments Page (HPP) template creates modern and responsive checkout pages by linking websites to Converge-hosted checkout pages branded with the logos and colour schemes of the businesses. 

Lightbox uses an iframe to embed the payment form as an overlay to your online shop. When Lightbox is used, your online shop darkens out and the payment page appears as a floating box on top. To use, your  server must have these settings:

  • All pages that use the Converge Payment Script must be served over HTTPS
  • Your domain must have a valid SSL certificate
  • Your server must support TLS 1.2 protocol
  • The Referrer URL of the domain making the Lightbox call must be whitelisted

Pay with Converge JavaScript library. Checkout.js gives the flexibility to customize checkout pages and the ability to use functional calls to submit transactions to Converge from a customer’s web browser. It is ideal for businesses that want to:

  • Fully control the design of their payment page
  • Use Converge to securely collect customer data and process payments
  • Maintain a consistent look/feel on their website

Checkout.js is Converge’s JavaScript library that provides an embedded payment script to open a window in the customer’s browser window. This window let's Converge collect payment information without redirecting the customer away from your page. To use, your server must have these settings:

  • All pages that use the Converge Payment Script must use HTTPS protocol
  • The domain must have a valid SSL certificate
  • The server must support TLS 1.2 protocol Using the XML integration, the Elavon merchant is responsible for all data collection/storage and has full control of cardholder experience end-to-end. It is ideal for businesses that want to:
  • Completely control the checkout process
  • Directly integrate with Converge
  • Collect payment data using their own servers and pass that information to Converge for processing

Additional information can be found on the Elavon Developer Portal


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