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Payments Core 365 offers a complete view of your payments data by allowing you to reconcile batched transaction data against funding data. It’s a data file; a massive table of transaction details available daily in the same format every time. 

Frame and focus your records through the ABCD lens: Adjustments, Billings, Chargebacks, and Deposits. From there, you can build your own analytics, charts, and tables once – then, continue powering them through our reliable Payments Core 365 file.

Things you can do with Payments Core 365:

  • Track a transaction from initiation to contest to resolution to funding 
  • Create key performance indicators to help you pinpoint overall performance by location, including total cost rate, effective interchange rate and effective chargeback rate 
  • Compare batched transactions against funded events to improve transaction data and avoid downgrades 
  • Isolate locations to focus on specific trends compared to company-wide trends

From a single file, create your own analytics, charts and tables that automatically update every day: 

  • Reconciled balance and paid 
  • Exceptions unpaid and research 
  • Write-offs and collections 
  • Analytics with KPIs and business intelligence 
  • Cash offset with funding details vs. bank deposits

Add perspective to the flow of transaction data 

The Payments Core 365 file is broken into two components: batched transaction data and funded data. Spend less time searching through a massive web of data across multiple sources and, instead, develop insights from a single file. 

If you need a more holistic view of your payments data, we provide an additional data file for unfunded events. Records within the unfunded file can be used for additional research around chargebacks and adjustment records reported in your main funded file.

Approach decision-making with a renewed focus 

We make it easy to sharpen your view of transaction data. Build reports, derive analytics, and review trends with the comprehensive data you get with Payments Core 365.

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