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To cater to the service-on-demand expectations that now permeate all consumer age groups, brick-and-mortar retailers can no longer afford to usher shoppers into checkout lines or make them wait in aisles while a sales associate checks on inventory in a back room.

Every delay, interruption and lost moment is an opportunity for the customer to go to a smartphone, research other purchase opportunities and abandon the sale.

This has given rise to a plethora of affordable mobile POS (mPOS) options from payments industry leaders who are making advancements in secure, cloud-based payments software and hardware. These smart solutions seamlessly connect with back-end operations to curate business intelligence that is instantly accessible.

Sales associates armed with handheld mobile payment devices are free to deliver a personalized in-store shopping experience that enriches customer relationships – without ever leaving the customer’s side.

Here are just a few of the service-on-demand benefits available through mPOS solutions.

  • Time-saving convenience:  Swipe the customer’s credit card in the aisle or at the product display area. The purchase is completed within seconds of a decision being made.
  • Inventory insight: Check inventory, access shopper history, process loyalty rewards and arrange shipment of out-of-stock items from another warehouse or location without leaving the customer’s side. Inventory access can also help associates recommend alternative products that are available in-store and help prevent the loss of a purchase.
  • Rapport building: Check in with a browsing repeat customer with recommendations based on their purchase history and preferences. From your device, present coupons and offers that can help sway their decision, and offer the convenience to pay the same way as the time before.
  • Full service everywhere:  Set up an impromptu sidewalk sale on a sunny day, or set up at a farmer’s market or street fair without having to switch from your everyday mPOS device. Plus, multiple devices can synch so sales-floor staff can perform every service mentioned above simultaneously – inside, outside, window-side, curbside, at the door and online.
  • Easy setup and use: Put the mPOS hardware and software to work for your business quickly and easily. This makes these solutions just as useful to food truck vendors, home contractors and solo entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re looking to add mobility to an existing payments solution or replace an aging solution with something mobile, Elavon can help.

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