Dealership payments

Every auto dealer is different, and individual needs can’t always be met by a standard solution. That’s why we tailor every solution for our automotive clients. Thousands of dealerships nationwide count on the payment security, flexibility and simplicity that only our cloud-based omnichannel payments platform can deliver. We help dealers control expenses and provide better customer service through streamlined and convenient payment options that decrease accounts receivable.

Our payments platform ensures your customers have a quick and easy experience, whether they prefer to pay online, by phone or in person, with a traditional card or by mobile.

You can also expect flexibility and ease of use to support workflows across service, parts and finance departments. Our payments platform integrates with the leading dealer management systems (DMS) and other dealership specific software solutions. Whether you need solutions for a single dealership or have multiple brands and locations, our platform improves the customer buying experience. The secure and flexible platform offers practical automation tools that streamline operations, increase security and reduce efforts with validating PCI DSS compliance.


Integrate with the leading DMS, along with other dealership-specific business tools and software applications. With one solution that supports the different departments and locations, you will gain visibility into your dealership’s business while saving time and expense. 

Increase cash flow

We help dealers expedite collections and create an exceptional experience for your customers even in the service lane. Electronic Bill Presentment + Payment (EBPP) speeds up collections and helps to reduce errors with electronic invoices delivered via text or email.

Using mobile devices for secure payment card terminals allows dealerships to take payments, anytime or anywhere. Payment information is hosted and not stored on your mobile device. Cardholder authentication tools, such as 3DSecure, support your online business by minimizing risks from fraudulent transactions.

Business analytics

Our payments platform provides instant business analytics to easily track performance.

  • Track customer behaviour 
  • Review open authorization, invoices and payments 
  • Dealership performance metrics
  • Create customized reports

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