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Elavon provides a simple, secure and flexible platform with practical automation tools that streamline operations and increase security and visibility into your overall business operations. Easily integrate into the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and improve payment transactions management. Whether you need solutions for multiple departments, locations, or users, we reduce risk and losses due to fraud, allowing your business to accept more orders. Your customers can choose how to pay, whether it’s online, via mobile device or at your place of business.

We simplify payments so you can focus on running your manufacturing or wholesale distribution company.

Layered security

As businesses increasingly rely on ecommerce and customers expect faster, more convenient transactions, incorporating higher levels of payment security is essential. Our payments platform reduces risk with a recommended multi-layered approach that protects sensitive data from multiple payment threats.

Validated point-to-point encryption (VP2PE) and tokenization protects your customers’ payment information. Payment data is useless to fraudsters making it safe in transit or at rest but remains easily accessible for recurring transactions or future payments.

Online invoicing

Electronic Bill Presentation + Payment (EBPP) provides businesses a convenient way to expedite collections and decreases fraud and human error by eliminating manual card entry and enabling electronic invoicing. Accept partial payments, bundle invoices and automate past-due reminders. Real-time invoice tracking makes record keeping and reconciliation easy and efficient.

Current integrations

We currently integrate with the below ERP platforms:

  • CDK
  • Infor
  • INxSQL
  • IntegraSoft
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX

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