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Seamless and secure payments

When you use a wireless terminal to accept payment at the table, the card never leaves the cardholder’s hand. The risk of cardholder data being stolen or tips being altered is eliminated and leads to fewer chargebacks. EMV terminals help authenticate the payment card for even stronger transaction validation. Pay-at-the-table solutions also allow you to accept contactless cards and mobile wallets in addition to standard debit and credit cards for a truly exceptional customer experience.

Operational efficiencies

Happier customers are not the only benefit to pay-at-the-table solutions. Create operational efficiency and drive increased profitability with faster table turn. Entering a tip at the time of authorization also eliminates the need to do end-of-day tip adjustments, ultimately saving your staff time. Servers become more productive by eliminating the back and forth from the table and the point of sale station during the payment process. All of this leaves more time to serve the customer.

Powerful integrations

Elavon partners with the leading point of sale providers and restaurant management systems including Oracle Micros, NCR, Squirrel Systems, Agilysys and Appetize. With flexible options supporting Bluetooth and WiFi, our wireless terminals can meet virtually any pay-at-the-table need.

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