We all knew that the presence of online shopping would only grow over time. But due to the pandemic, the wave of online shopping has become a tsunami as more people have become more familiar and comfortable making online purchases. Of course, many people think ecommerce only grows and scales a business, but there are also added benefits for customers who decide to shop virtually.

5 Ways ecommerce can enhance your customers' shopping experience

1. Consumers can shop their way - A huge perk of online shopping is its convenience. Consumers can now shop from anywhere at any time. So, whether it’s from the comfort of their own bed or late at night after stores have closed, they can shop when it suits their needs best.

2. A broader range of potential customers - Having the option to shop online extends your business’ reach exponentially. With an online presence your business would be able to reach consumers that are too far to shop in-person, thus giving you a larger pool of potential customers.

3. Provides the chance to research & read product reviews - One bonus virtual shopping offers that in-store shopping does not, is that consumers are able to access reviews on products they are interested in. Seeing positive reviews reassures consumers and gives them more confidence to buy a product. Being online also allows buyers to compare pricing and product features.

4. One can “just browse” with no pressure to buy - When shopping in-store buyers may feel pressured to buy from employees or feel as if they have wasted their time if they leave the store without making a purchase. Online shopping allows for a low-stakes atmosphere with no pressure and gives consumers the ability to shop at their own pace.

5. Provides a wider selection of inventory - Online shopping gives customers access to a larger inventory of goods that might not be available in store. This access could lead consumers to find products that better suit what they are looking for than if they were to only shop in-person.

At Elavon, we understand the challenges of integrating payment solutions into software, but we are dedicated to making the process much smoother and easier for business owners.

5 Keyways Elavon can support your business' transition to ecommerce

1. Robust reporting to reduce costs - We offer robust reporting that uses data to provide valuable insights that can help lead to reductions in the overall cost of doing business.

2. Options based on what’s best for your business - It doesn’t matter if you are interested in integrating with our payment technology or expanding your business by utilizing our channel network, Elavon has your back.

3. Payment & technical expertise - Elavon provides payment and technical expertise to help develop a variety of solutions for all your ecommerce business needs.

4. State-of-the-art security solutions - We dedicate ourselves to protecting not only your business, but you and your customer payment data with our state-of-the-art security solutions.

5. Customer support & relationship management - Support and assistance are needed to keep any business venture going strong, which is why we provide 24/7, in-house multi-lingual customer support and a dedicated relationship management team so you can feel reassured and supported throughout the entire payment journey knowing someone has your back.


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