Successful businesses put their customers as their main focus. They are your bread and butter, even if your business has nothing to do with baking or dairy. So the goal should always be to take good care of your customers to keep them coming back and keep your business growing.

While accepting payments looks simple on the surface, there’s more to it, and now as different payment methods have become more common, customers insist on a smooth payment experience. Thankfully, the right technology can handle your payment processing needs and keep your customers happy, and you, profitable.

Payment security is mandatory

One of the most important priorities for accepting payments is security. It’s not the flashiest part of running a business, but protecting your customers’ financial info is crucial - especially since business owners will likely be fined if they have insufficient payment security.

Scammers are getting increasingly more crafty and you don’t want to leave your business or your customers vulnerable to fraud. One study found that more than 40 percent of consumers surveyed by Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) reported experiencing credit card fraud while 61% of all small businesses have reported at least one cyber attack in the last year. That’s why such spy-movie-sounding security features like encryption and tokenization are crucial to protecting cardholder data and allow you to give your customers a payment experience they can trust. Elavon is a trusted choice in payment security and PCI compliance, which makes running your business easier and ultimately safer.

The right technology is modern technology

Nobody is a fan of the pandemic, but it has brought about a few silver linings here and there as business adapted to the many challenges COVID presented. For starters, 97% of global business leaders reportedly sped up their transformation to more digital technology. It could be the newest smartphone technologies or cloud-based systems, but the key is for small businesses to stay current.

Elavon offers the talech POS which is a cloud-based point of sale software that gives customers a simple and convenient in person payment solution. Talech works across a variety of business categories from retail to restaurants, services to contracting to practically any other industry. And the beauty of this system is that it can scale and grow with your business with additional services like appointment scheduling, online booking, refund or exchange support and more.

Do you feel the need for speed?

Your customers sure do! Put the pedal down on your check out process with faster options like contactless payments and digital wallets. These increasingly popular ways of accepting payments can help you streamline the checkout process and increase completed transactions. Customer information is stored on their digital device, so customers skip lines and red tape. Digital wallets use sophisticated fraud tools to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions, keeping customers safe and happy.

Better technology makes happier customers

As we mentioned, customers are the center of every small businesses’ success. Salesforce research found that 66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations (Source*). You depend on your customers and they show their love for your business when they feel appreciated at every step of the process. So use the right technology for your business to keep your customer smiling with easy, simple payment process.

Contact us and we can explore the right payment technology solution to keep your business moving forward.

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