If you use talech, our cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) software, to accept payments, you can now create, send and save digital invoices to help you get paid faster. This intuitive invoicing tool eliminates the need to mail bills and wait for a check or online payment in response.

In fact, the entire payment collection cycle is simplified since talech Invoicing also allows you to search and track invoices, set automatic email reminders for overdue invoices, and edit, cancel or refund requested payments right from the Invoice tab on the talech dashboard.

How to access talech Invoicing

It is available to all talech users at no cost, and there are no limitations on how many invoices you can send. Just go to your talech toolbar menu and click on Invoices to get started. For talech Mobile users, if automatic updates are enabled, the latest app version should already include invoicing. If not, simply go to the Apple App or Google Play store and update to the latest version, which will include invoicing on the menu page.

A simplified customer payment experience

When your customer clicks on the “Pay Now” button embedded in the digital invoice you send them, they are taken to a one-time, secure payments page that offers some of the best-in-class simplicity and security in today’s evolving digital marketplace. Whether your customer pays their digital invoice online, over the phone or in person by credit card, check or cash, you benefit from the tracking and management functions built into the tool.


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