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Smart Devices Create Satisfied Customers

You’ve heard that competition for customers is fierce. But the great news for small businesses is that 82 percent of consumers shop local. And 48 percent say they’ll frequent local businesses more often.1 Your customers come to your business because they want to, not because they don’t have other choices. However, they have expectations that you’ll continue to meet their needs as commerce and technology evolve.

82% of consumers shop local1 – great news for small businesses.

Smart devices like mobile phones and tablets provide consumers with simple conveniences like easily connecting with family and managing their daily lives. But in recent years, the potential for smart devices has truly exploded. More businesses are now also relying on smart point-of-sale (POS) terminals to meet increasing consumer demand for faster, more efficient payment options, as well as a more satisfying shopping experience. Smart POS can help you maintain the appeal and momentum of local business, keeping customers coming back time and again.

Deliver a seamless experience – for you and your customers - with smart POS terminals

Fifty-eight percent of consumers say a personalized in-store experience is highly desirable.2 Smart POS terminals offer the flexibility you need for improved customer service and business results. Smart POS terminals typically feature analytic capabilities, with which businesses can better understand the needs of their customers. Sales associates, wait staff and other personnel will have immediate access to such pertinent data as when your customers visit, how much they spend and their product preferences. So, they can anticipate when customers will visit and what they are likely to want when they do.

Smart POS terminals will give sales associates, wait staff and other personnel immediate access to data on when customers visit, how much they spend and what they buy.

Are your customers looking for something specific that they can’t find? Sixty-nine percent of baby boomers believe it is important for associates to have insight into available inventory, while 53 percent of Millennials think store associates don’t have the tools needed to provide good customer service.3 Ensure that your staff can quickly help them locate it with smart terminals that let them track and manage inventory, as well as place orders for items that are out of stock.

69% of baby boomers think it’s important to have insight into available inventory.3

Mobile POS (mPOS) systems – tablets, smartphones or other wireless devices that can be used as terminals – are also growing in popularity with employees. Sixty-two percent of retail workers say mPOS devices make work easier for them and 48 percent prefer using them.4

These devices are highly flexible and can be used anywhere, any time. Because they are mobile, your staff can assist and check customers out in the aisles and at the table – where they are shopping for products or finishing a meal – as well as at the register. In fact, 28 percent of associates believe mPOS increases the number of products a customer buys.5 So, you’ll not only meet customers’ expectations for efficient service, but also empower your employees to achieve business objectives – particularly more product sales.

28% of associates believe mPOS increases the number of products a customer buys.5

Finish up with hassle-free payment options

As we continue to move toward a cashless society, offering multiple means for customers to pay becomes more critical. Smart POS systems support an array of payment options – contactless for mobile wallets, chip card and mag stripe – and expedite payments quickly and securely. Smart POS systems also enable faster settlement and reconciliation, as well as comprehensive reporting to keep businesses running smoothly.

Attracting customers is only half the job. Successful businesses engage the right technology and service strategies for customer retention. Over a five year period, businesses that focused on improving customer experiences achieved compound annual revenue growth rates of 17 percent versus only three percent for those who did not.6 Smart devices are a key component in delivering a seamless, positive customer experience that can result in impressive growth for small businesses



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