More than 66 global currencies accepted through Dynamic Currency Conversion

With more than 66 global currencies covered for any qualified Visa® or Mastercard® transaction, you can provide a seamless customer experience for international cardholders who want to pay in their home currency. We handle the details of currency exchange conversion, so you can focus on your business.

Let Dynamic Currency Conversion do the math

International cardholders may be wary of foreign transactions because they don’t know the actual cost in their home currency. DCC gives cardholders the payment information they need and want. It automatically identifies foreign cards at the time of authorisation, and the POS device clearly displays the sale amount in local currency as well as in the cardholder’s home currency. It also shows the conversion rate and any associated fees for a completely transparent transaction.

Benefits of DCC

Dynamic Currency Conversion benefits your business as well as the cardholder.

  • Transaction cost is in their home currency, providing greater transparency
  • Competitive exchange rates are offered and locked-in at the time of purchase
  • Minimise disputes and chargebacks
  • Earn a rebated commission on every qualified DCC transaction, gaining an additional revenue stream

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