Enterprise level data analysis for improved business results

Payments Core 365 is a data file that includes all your payment details broken into two components: batched transaction data and funded data. Spend less time searching through a massive web of information across multiple sources and instead, develop insights from a single file. The file is delivered daily in the same format, enabling you to build custom reports that will track the data that is important to your business. From automatic account reconciliation to tracking your win rate for chargebacks, the possibilities are endless when you power your internal reports with Payments Core 365.

Daily account reconciliation

With Payments Core 365, you can easily reconcile sales and refunds to bank deposits and withdrawal activity for multiple locations. Since the file is updated daily, you can gain visibility into funding details within 24 hours of the transaction being funded. When you notice inconsistencies between your internal numbers and your funded amount, you can research adjustments by location, date, and transaction amount. If a dispute is filed, organize and prioritize your tactical response to chargebacks in order to prevent loss due to missed deadlines.

Business intelligence for data-driven organizations

Improve operations with precise transaction-level data. The data file is formatted so it is easy to build automated reports that integrate with your existing data management and reporting system. Integrate with your existing accounting system, automate key performance indicators (KPI’s), and provide your marketing team with data to help optimize targeting. Decrease expenses by automating reminders for data review so deadlines for disputes are not missed.

Automate analytics from a single file

  • Leverage the Payments Core 365 view of your data to gain actionable results that will help your business grow
  • Save time - Integrate with your current accounting system for a completely automated reconciliation process
  • Decrease expenses - Get in front of potential issues to avoid month-end surprises with detailed analysis
  • Create key performance indicators - Evaluate KPIs to easily identify locations with performance irregularities
  • Smarter marketing - Build or refine customer buying profiles for targeted marketing campaigns

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