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Innovation meets convenience with countertop POS systems and wireless credit card terminals

Simple and secure payment authorization and processing with our full range of compact credit card terminal options. Provide a seamless purchasing experience whether cards are swiped, inserted or tap-and-go.

Woman holding wireless terminal while accepting a credit card payment.

Ingenico Desk 5000

Ideal for professional services, traditional storefronts or anywhere your customers pay in person. 

  • Supports chip, swipe, contactless and digital wallet payments
  • Large 3.5-inch touchscreen 
  • Interactive business apps to help manage operations
Ingenico Move 5000 (Wi-Fi / 4G)

Ingenico Move 5000 (Wi-Fi / 4G) 

A combined business and payment platform that allows you to take payments anywhere. 

  • NFC ready for easy line busting capabilities 
  • Wireless options via Wi-FI, Bluetooth or 4G cellular 
  • Large, wide touchscreen
Ingenico Link 2500

Ingenico Link 2500 

Mobile transaction flexibility in a compact design. 

  • Pocket-sized, light weight design for mobile use 
  • 2.4' colour display 
  • Connect via Bluetooth or USB-c

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