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talech POS for services

With talech for services, you can create a live booking site, streamline and organize client scheduling, send custom texts or emails to your customers and manage employee timecards all with one solution.

talech Mobile
Basic point-of-sale

Manage Orders:
Keep orders organized

Manage Products:
Organize your products by category and type

Track actionable insights like customer purchases and peak sales cycles

talech Starter
Simple point-of-sale

Manage Inventory:
Automate inventory tracking to ensure most popular items are always available

Customer Tracking:
Better understand customer behaviour to improve your offering

talech Standard
Full-featured point-of-sale

Online Ordering:
Create a customized microsite integrated with your POS

Managing Employees:
Allow staff access and track hours worked

Automated Discounts:
Create discounts to increase spending

Simplify your customer returns to keep inventory quantities accurate

talech Premium
Full-featured point-of-sale

Book Appointments:
Manage in-store traffic with appointment scheduling

Inventory Alerts:
Be aware when popular items are running low

talech Register for Services

talech Register for Services provides a complete solution that is aesthetically pleasing to look at but drives the core talech payment solution technology to grow your business. 

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