Accept payments online or anywhere

Converge is a hosted payment gateway solution that allows businesses of all types to prioritize payment security and accept payments securely and quickly wherever they take place. Accept everything from debit and credit cards to PayPal, electronic checks, and digital wallets. Manage all payment activity easily and securely from anywhere with any browser-connected device. Converge’s friendly portal allows you to accept payments or integrate with your websites, accounting and CRM systems via easy-to-use developer tools.

Billing and invoicing

Create, send or track a quote or invoice electronically.

Buy button

Accept payments on nearly any website or via email.

Digital wallet

Streamline the checkout process with the most recent technology.

Account updater

Automatically update expired credit card accounts.

Streamline the payment process

The Converge payment gateway allows you to offer customers convenient payment options. Creating a simple checkout experience can lead to a better overall experience for your customers, improved customer retention, and increased sales. The Converge payment gateway can help you create this experience by providing multiple ways to collect payments including billing and invoicing, buy buttons, digital wallets, and recurring payments.

Converge is an omnicommerce payment solution that offers businesses the ability to accept payments in-store, online, via mobile, or by mail/telephone order (MO/TO). We consistently invest in our payment gateway platform to manage and maintain a safe, secure, and compliant payment solution.

Omnicommerce payment gateway

Highly versatile suite of product features.

Global payment processing

Support processing needs through Multi-Currency Conversion and Dynamic Currency Conversion.

Account management

Easily configure and manage account activity online with options to adjust settings, bill preferences, transaction reports and security settings.


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