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Avoid declined credit card payments

Whether it’s an expiration date change or a new card number, changes in a cardholder’s information can have cascading impacts on all recurring credit card payments tied to that card information on file. The account updater in the Converge payment gateway bypasses any manual labour on the customer's end by automatically updating accounts paid with either Visa® or Mastercard®. Account updater enables customers to proceed with business-as-usual instead of manually resolving unexpectedly declined credit card payments. 

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Support cardholders and reduce lost revenue

Most credit cards expire within three years, meaning that on average 3% of card-on-file payments are tied to expiring cards each month. Our account updater service through Converge enables merchants to manage cardholder account information changes without having to reach out to the cardholder for updated credit card information, potentially risking the loss of current and future sales.

Your customers also benefit from easy and convenient updates of account information for future recurring credit card payments, avoiding the hassle of having to provide updated information to every business and the potential for late fees or possible delay in service.

Benefits of account updater to cardholders:

  • Cardholder satisfaction is enhanced through transparent and convenient account updates to all registered recurring payment or card-on-file cardholders. The automatic account updates prevent declined credit card payments and late payment fees, further improving cardholder satisfaction.
  • Account updater provides uninterrupted service to cardholders, whose card-on-file information has been automatically updated. This makes the account update process systemic with little effort by the cardholder to maintain a seamless experience.

Account updater benefits

Choosing Elavon's payment solutions can help grow your business, set you apart from competitors and augment your brand. Using the Converge account updater can lead to:

  • Increased sales and retention
  • Reduced customer costs
  • Reduced operation and processing costs
  • Avoiding declined recurring payments

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